Here is the Ultimate guide to Zelda - Breath of the Wild on PC with Cemu, 100% working, 30/60 fps (on my GTX960).


Install the Repacked version of the Game from FitGirl Repacks: please read carefully the instructions, specially if you are on Windows 10. This will install Cemu v.1.7.3d, and Zelda v.1.1.0 on your machine. However this version is full of bugs, you cannot swim, there's no grass, some aspects of the game are not working yet: in short, the game is not fully playable. To have a 100% working version of the Game, follow the next steps ;)


Download MapleSeed application. Thanks to this app you will be able to easily upgrade the game to the latest 1.1.1 version: you can install the DLCs as well. There's also a video tutorial about it:

Update Cemu

It's time to install Cemu 1.7.4 Edition: this version solves almost all the bugs and issues of the previous version: simply copy its contents inside your Cemu folder, overwriting it. I suggest you to not overwrite your settings.bin and save folder!

Extension Packs

Download Cemu extension graphic packs, and copy the ones related to Zelda inside Cemu's graphincPacks folder. Personally, I'm using _BreathOfTheWild1080p, _BreathOfTheWildAARemoval and _BreathOfTheWildHighResShadows. You can then activate them from Cemu's top menu.

Cemu Hook

Download the latest version of CemuHook plugin, unzip it, and copy the included dll file straight into the Cemu folder.

Shaders Cache

Download this 9k Shaders Cache or alternatively, this 6k one, and copy it inside cemu's shaderCache/transferable folder. If you are a NVIDIA owner, you could take advantage of this very recent shader crash fix tecnique.

Optional/not needed

For better performance, some people are suggesting to use a Ramdisk, and copy your Cemu application in it. I was able to get 60fps without this workaround. However, here is a Video Tutorial, covering this and a some other performance-related tweaks:

There's a workaround to fix random crashes for some NVIDIA users (Cemu v.1.7.4)! See this Reddit post for details.

Final Notes

Finally, HERE you can find the Reddit megathread, collecting everything we have discussed so far.


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